The Einstein Academy Academics

Students are challenged at their own level and pace

Our goal is to meet individual needs and allow children to progress without pushing them too fast or holding them back. Limiting each class to 14 allows our teachers to individualize lessons when necessary and accomplish our high academic standards. At The Einstein Academy, our intimate, nurturing environment lets kids excel at their own rate, with a potential that's limitless!

Students have fun learning through creative, hands-on activities

Half the fun of being a student at The Einstein Academy is engaging in all the new and imaginative ways our teachers find for children to learn. Like the Underground Railroad project designed for our 5th grade. Students had to escape out of their classroom and advance from station to station with the help of disguises and school personnel, without catching the attention of the patrolling "sheriff."

Fourth (4th) graders enjoyed making mummies from chicken bones to learn about Ancient Egypt. The 2nd grade teacher brought the Amazon rainforest to life with a lavishly decorated classroom and Mayan mask activity.

We've always got fun and interesting projects going on, and sometimes everybody gets involved—like the time our students helped build a pond ecosystem near the front entrance to the main building.

In High School, we don't just offer AP and Honors courses for those who want them. Almost all our core classes are Advanced Placement or awesome advantage for college applications!

Students often take off-campus field trips or troop to the forest preserve directly behind our property for nature hikes. Books are of great value, but we also believe in learning by doing, and we believe in having fun.

Pi Day bead activity
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