International Boarding

Boarding1The Einstein Academy boarding program begins from seventh grade through twelve grades for students from all across the country and world. The boarding program offers a true American immersion experience. Available to support our boarding program are houseparent’s and resident counselors. These individuals, help students prepare for the day, welcome them home after school, encourage good study habits, and ensure a safe and friendly environment.Boarding students are expected to speak English in common spaces, and they enjoy meetings with other international students in which they share and learn about culture.

int_boarding2Most weekends include social activities, free time, and visits with host families, friends and relatives.  Some of the social activities enjoyed by our boarding students include:

- Family Outings and educational tours

- Visits to colleges and universities

- See local areas and enjoy fun activities

Although boarding students may be separated physically from their families, cell phones, tablets, e-mail, Wechat and Skype allow constant communication with parents and friends.

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