The Einstein Academy continues to focus on academically-talented students.  Our goal is to ensure we provide the best educational environment and experience for children who attend our school. As part achieving this goal, we look to our current and former community members for support.  Our Parents, Board, Alumni, Alumni families, Grandparents, Friends, staff and faculty help to ensure a bright future for the school and continuing educational opportunities for our students.

Your donations support children and families who recognize the importance of our educational environment. Gifts received from donors help The Einstein Academy provide scholarships to children who would otherwise not be able to attend. In addition, donation in materials and technology support and help teachers on an ongoing basis.

We are extremely grateful to all families, friends, alumni and other supporters who give generously to the school each year. Every gift is important to the success of our school and every little bit is appreciated.

To learn how you can give to The Einstein Academy, please read the information on Gift Planning, How to Give, and How to Volunteer. Thank you again. We feel so fortunate to have your support!

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