Annual Auction


Each year, The Einstein Academy hosts a dinner and auction. This year, for our 15th anniversary, we are celebrating with the "Amethyst Ball." The Amethyst Ball will take place November 19, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Elgin Country Club.

In order to ensure the auction's success, parents are requested to find donations for a classroom basket that will be auctioned off during the evening. These classroom baskets are always a big hit at the Auction. You should have received an email toward the beginning of summer with the theme for your classroom and suggested donations.

We are also soliciting donations from large chain stores and corporations this summer, so if you could target LOCAL stores/businesses we would appreciate it.  Please let us know when you receive a donation so we don't "double ask".  As is true every year, please ask for a donation - do not feel obligated to buy anything for the baskets.  We will assess where each classroom basket stands in the fall. 

Thank you again in advance for all your help.  Our hope is to create a memorable evening that raises a significant amount of money for the school we all love.


Gift Basket Themes

PreK/K - Tiger's  Eye - Animal-themed basket

1st grade - Aqua Marine - Water

2/3rd - Emerald - Garden

4th - Hematite - Science

5/6th - Marble - Kitchen

7th - Black Onyx - Men's

8th - Flint - Camping

HS - Ruby - Romance

We appreciate your assistance in getting an item donated to your child's class basket. Remember that you do not need to purchase items for your basket; you may ask area businesses to donate.  Donation request forms are available at the front office.

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