Gift Planning


Gift Planning

There are many kinds of planned gifts, all of which offer significant tax benefits to the donor, among them:

Bequests - Assets transferred through a donor's estate. Any asset may be given in this way, though we most commonly receive cash gifts set out in a donor's will. Other bequests include the proceeds of life insurance policies and retirement plans.

Gifts of a Future Interest in Real Estate - Some donors make gifts of personal residences or second homes, retaining, the right to use them for their lifetime.

Charitable Lead Trust - With this gift a donor removes specified assets from his/her estate, receives immediate tax savings and provides the school income from those assets for a period of years. At the end of the gift period, the assets may be returned to the donor or, tax free, to a third party. Parents and grandparents find the charitable lead trust an excellent way to provide for a future generation while accomplishing good work today and decreasing their likely estate taxes.

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