Music and Drama


Performance Arts

Performing Arts are an essential part of an education. Research consistently shows that the arts instill critical thinking, creativity and communication skills that our children need to succeed in school, the workplace and life as a whole. Through exploration of music and drama, we help our children become more collaborative, flexible, imaginative and innovative people.

Drama Program

The smell of the greasepaint. The roar of the crowd! Two major school productions annually highlight our creative students that proudly create a production for family, friends, and community. Each fall our youngest students tread the boards and entertain their audience while demonstrating vocal and oratory, movement, character and performance skills they have honed and refined. Grades four through twelve perform their Musical in the spring. Some past favorites have been, “Into the Woods” and “Seussical”. 

The Einstein Academy students surpass the standard in education by learning audition skills, improvisational skills, stage craft, theatre history, technical lighting and sound equipment skills. In addition, this programs helps our students to develop their oratory skills. Learning Objectives for the program include: enunciation, projection, public-speaking, developing and studying characterization, movement and body language. Learning rules of the stage, theatre history, working individually and as a group are all universal for every student.

Upper grade students direct two/three person scenes and engage in scene study, advanced character development and technical design. They are individually coached as performers and to learn the technical aspects of mounting a full scale production. Upon completion of this course, students will have successfully learned: to understand the multiplicity of interpretations for any given speech; to recognize how interpretation of one line impacts interpretations of other lines and characters in following scenes; how physical choices convey sense; to use intonation, pace, volume, pitch, and variation to emphasize meaning; to create a character, individually and in groups, and utilize characters as appropriate for a given scene. Students are taught to analyze characters and scenes from the script and use of stage directions. They learn the similarities between musical notation and the cadences of a speech. 

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